Pacific Oyster  PACIFIC
  • Size: Average size is 6.5-8.5cm. But have been seen to grow up to 40cm in length!
  • Habitat: Estuarine and marine, sheltered rocky shores, attaches to rock and debris. Generally grown in a more oceanic environment.
  • Features: Often almost oval, sometimes elongate. Flesh is a chalky white with mauve or brown patches.
  • Taste: Stronger flavour
  • Season: Best throughout winter months. Hot spots include Coffin Bay in SA, Smoky Bay and Saint Helens in Tasmania.
 Sydney Rock Oyster SYDNEY ROCK
  • Size: Up to 10cm in length. Average size is 4.5-6.5cm.
  • Habitat: Native to NSW, Ranging from Moreton Bay in the North and as far south as the Victorian border. Generally grown in the estuary.
  • Features: Slightly smaller oyster. Flesh can be seen to be more yellow in colour and a finer texture.
  • Taste: More refined flavour
  • Season: Generally better throughout the summer months, but can sourced all year round. Hot spots include Wallace Lake and port Stephens and Merimbula.